Recently a new website connecting chemicals to synthesis references went online. The site is ChemSynthesis and as well as synthesis references the database also contains physical properties for many of the listed substances. There are currently more than 40 000 compounds and more than 45 000 synthesis references in the database and there is an intention to keep the database growing with contributions from the community. Presently ChemSynthesis is indexing information from quite an extensive list of journals given below.

The Journal of the American Chemical Society, Canadian Journal of Chemistry, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, Chemistry Letters, Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, Organic Syntheses, Synthesis, Synthetic Communications, Tetrahedron Letters, Tetrahedron

An example record can be found here and a list of hits from a text search is shown below.

Linking_from ChemSpider to ChemSynthesis seemed like a natural way to help our users source potential synthesis details. So, that’s done. Also we have exchanged the appropriate information with ChemSynthesis so that we have completed the loop. Users searching ChemSynthesis can navigate directly to the ChemSpider record with one click.

To review the entire ChemSynthesis dataset on ChemSpider simply follow this link. It is >40,000 molecules so might take a while to load. Another contribution to the community of connected chemists….

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