Over the past three years I’ve carried a double-edged sword on the ChemSpider Blog: the honor and the burden.

As anyone who runs a blog would likely tell you hosting a blog can take a lot of time and effort, especially if you are passionate about communicating. Fortunately, since ChemSpider was acquired by the Royal Society of Chemistry we now have a lot more people involved with the platform including support staff and our colleagues in the Cambridge, UK-based Informatics team. Since we are working hard to further integrate various processes, systems and projects it makes sense that more of the team discussing our activities around ChemSpider can post here. In particular there are a number of activities going on regarding the technical aspects of ChemSpider development that will start to show up on this blog and we encourage your participation, comments and feedback. ChemSpider is, after all, about community participation so do engage us!

Over the next few days a number of my colleagues will introduce themselves to the readers of this blog. I welcome them all to the “honor and the burden”…it’s a pleasure to share this space with them.

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