To celebrate our one year anniversary since going live at ACS Spring in Chicago in 2007 we lifted the title of beta from ChemSpider and released a new website design. I’ve already received some positive feedback on the new design and on us growing the service over the past year. We welcome any and all feedback though. What do you think of our contributions over the past year? What do you think of our new website. Let us know!

And Happy 1st Birthday ChemSpider…

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4 Responses to “ChemSpider Comes Out of Beta With a New Website”

  1. David Bradley says:

    Congratulations Tony! It’s been a hectic year, I can tell ;-)


  2. Martin Walker says:

    Congratulations, and I must say I really like the new style of the website – very straightforward. Well done.

  3. Egon Willighagen says:

    I like the new website too. It’s more quite to the eye.

  4. Kris says:

    Great job, the design is very clean and professional

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