A lot of people have been helping to improve the quality of ChemSpider content by depositing new data and “Cleaning up” errors in the data over the past few months. it’s been a long climb. Our thanks to all of you who have contributed. I’ll be the first one to put my hand up and acknowledge that in some ways I have not made the act of contributing to the curation process very easily since I’ve been feeding the data out via the blog in chunks, as it has developed. Following a recent “long flight” I am happy to announce that the Curators Handbook/Bible is now available in its first form and is available online here. This document gives some pretty detailed guidance regarding how to curate the ChemSpider database. As always we welcome feedback. If something is not clear let us know and we will expand/enhance as appropriate.

What I also want to do is to thank those people who have commented on how truly impressed they are with the rate at which we are cleaning the data. In general most curation requests identified on the site are addressed within 24 hours. There are some issues hanging out there that we don’t have solutions for at present, specifically in regards to organometallic data handling, but we are still thinking about a path forward.

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  1. Chris Singleton says:

    I have to say that the curation process has been always been pretty speedy. Most all of my submissions, even low priority, have been fixed in under 24 hours. I think the comments made earlier in the blog post about ChemSpiderID being accepted in Wikipedia say it all, a big database is good but curation really makes the difference and makes it reliable.

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