rssIn the past few days we’ve been adding thousands of new chemical entities to ChemSpider including contributions from publishers and chemical vendors. We and other users have also been adding a few entries into the description sections of the individual records and generally expanding the content of the database.

There isn’t an easy way for the community to find out about our efforts in these areas so we have set up RSS feeds of the new chemical compounds, the descriptions being added to the individual records as well as a list of the new articles added to the ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry.

The ChemSpider compounds RSS feed is here.

The ChemSpider descriptions RSS feed is here.

The ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry RSS feed is here.

I urge caution to those of you who might want to simply accept the InChIs and convert back to structures. GOOD LUCK. Be very careful with structure depictions and the introduction of confusing stereochemistry.


If you want to proliferate your stories about chemistry simply tage them with “loadtochemspider” and we’ll take care of th rest.

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