Okay, this is clearly a rather tongue in cheek blog post but i couldn’t resist.

Search “sex” on ChemSpider and you get two hits…here

Click on the first structure and you will find that one of the identifiers for this compound is SEX, and it is an explosive.

Just READ the second structure and you will see it is SEX. It’s CLEAN sex though. The dirty sex was described in a recent article in a C&E News article and points back to the poor image originally published by the New York Times when they issued a book review of Pamela Paul’s Book “Bonk, The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex“. In order to have CLEAN sex I removed inappropriate substitutions and bonds.

It still looks like sex though…

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One Response to “ChemSpider has both Clean and Explosive Sex”

  1. Chris Singleton says:

    Tony, I think you’ve been looking at these molecules WAY too long!

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