Ever since ChemSpider went online we had committed to allowing community curation and annotation. We have done this…in spades. We have introduced the ability to Post Comments for curators approval, we have allowed the association of publications and the association of URLs. Data have been annotated with over 200 spectra, CIF files or images as described here and here.

Over 500 comments posted by users and administrators of ChemSpider have now been curated, fixed, acknowledged or rejected (use the filter at the top of the page to see the different types).


Almost 200,000 identifiers have been curated (approved or removed). The necessary functionality to allow curation and annotation of the data has been delivered. We will now extend and enhance it specifically to handle batch depositions (already in beta testing).

Crowdsourced curation and annotation is going to be necessary to cleanse a lot of the material which has found its way out into the public domain and we have started.

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