Readers of this blog will know we have a focus on enabling chemists to source information via both Open AND Closed access publishers with the aim, ultimately, of providing a way to perform structure and substructure searching of these articles. This work is well underway.

If you visit our Literature Search Page you will see that we have recently added the ACS AuthorChoice Free Access articles to the index and we will continue to index on an ongoing basis.  There are very few ACS AuthorChoice articles to search but the usual validation search of “Searching Taxol”  it does turn up one hit.

Herding Nanotransporters: Localized Activation via Release and Sequestration of Control Molecules (Nano Lett. 2007 Volume 8 Issue 1 Page 221) – American Chemical Society

R. Tucker, P. Katira, H. Hess

… 1 mM MgCl, 1 mM EGTA, pH 6 .9) containing 10 micromolar taxol for stabilization and kept at room temperature (20 C). Caged -ATP and “

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