If you are a frequent user of ChemSpider you have likely been using the text-based searches to query the system. However, there are definitely those of you who are more adventurous and have initiated structure and substructure searches utilizing input via SMILES, InChI or the Structure Drawing Applet (See Section 2.3.3 of the online ChemSpider manual).

You might have discovered that some of those substructure searches can be a little time-consuming and you might want to let the search continue and “move on”. Alternatively, you might have performed a number of searches during a particular session with ChemSpider or may want to return to some results from searches performed in previous sessions. In any case, what you need in these cases is access to the details of the searches you have performed. The screen grab below speaks volumes.

The History file for Antony Williams

As an example of a saved search in MY personal history of search transactions please visit the link listed here…note it’s unique nature in terms of identifier. http://www.chemspider.com/Search.aspx?rid=105ecb44-303b-4239-9559-75753bc9777c.
While this search was very fast in reality, we are about to introduce Structure Similarity Searching onto ChemSpider. This can be a very time-consuming operation and certainly the deferred transaction tracking is likely to be of value when this new feature is rolled out.

For now, give us feedback on access to your personal history of transactions. Simply visit the link http://www.chemspider.com/history.aspx after you have performed some transactions on the system and should see your list of actions. Enjoy…

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  1. David Bradley says:

    Good call! Definitely critical for the frequent flyers


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