In January of this year we held a meeting in London with a group of interested parties who wanted to discuss with us how ChemSpider can be used to support metabolomics. From my point of view that was a very successful meeting in terms of providing an overview of what ChemSpider is capable of today as well as garnering feedback and input from a community of users applying mass spectrometry to perform metabolomics studies.

As a result we will be holding a round-table discussion here in the United States in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, in April 2011, again for scientists interested in further refining how ChemSpider can be extended to serve the metabolomics community. An outline of the meeting is provided below. If you are interested in participating please respond to me directly at williams”AT”rsc”DOT”org by the deadline listed below. We will cap the attendance fairly quickly and are specifically looking for people who can be vocal about their needs and how we may be able to help with ChemSpider as a platform.

Metabolomics Round Table – Delivering Value to the Metabolomics Community via ChemSpider, a Public Domain Database

Hosts: John Shockcor, Waters and Antony Williams, Royal Society of Chemistry

When: April 21st, 2011

Venue: To Be Determined, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

The metabolomics community presently utilizes public domain databases such as KEGG, LipidMap, DrugBank and a myriad of other online resources to assist in the analysis of data. However, rich as these resources are, they are limited in scope, are challenged by known data quality issues, and are not directly focused on serving the needs of the metabolomics community. ChemSpider is an online resource for the chemistry community hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry with the intention of linking together online chemistry resources, cleaning and curating chemistry related data and collectively serving a number of communities. ChemSpider has been used by members of the mass spectrometry community, including instrument vendors, for the past 3 years. This roundtable meeting is to provide an overview of how ChemSpider is presently used by scientists working in the domain of metabolomics and garner feedback from the existing user base as well as new potential users to help define how ChemSpider can be enhanced to further support the needs of this community.

Antony Williams, VP of Strategic Development and host of ChemSpider at RSC, and John Shockcor, Director of Life Sciences Business Development at Waters Corp, invite you to attend thismeeting to provide input to steer development of ChemSpider to address the needs of the metabolomics community. An agenda will be defined in the near future based on interest.

If you are interested in attending please express your interest by sending an email to


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