If you are an iPhone user (as I am), have an iPad hanging around to check email 20/7 (I have to sleep sometime…), or use a phone with a browser, I suggest you point it to the new ChemSpider Mobile at  http://cs.m.chemspider.com. There you’ll see a simple interface, shown below, that allows you to search across our database of almost 25 million chemical entities based on chemical name (systematic, trivial or trade, registry number etc) and retrieve a list of intrinsic properties, a list of predicted properties, a list of associated identifiers, with links to Wikipedia if available, and a Google based search for the chemical based, for now, on the associated InChIKey. Check it out, give us feedback.

We are also working on providing access to ChemSpider SyntheticPages in the same way and the first screen shot is shown at the bottom. Things are always changing and, I believe, for the better.





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3 Responses to “ChemSpider Mobile goes live”

  1. M.Karthikeyan says:

    Molecules for from chemspider to mobile is a welcome move.
    M.karthikeyan, ncl pune, India

  2. Kosch says:

    Works like a charm on my N900 with FireFox and the default browser (MicroB)

  3. Tom K says:

    Nice. Immediate suggestions (since you ask) would be to link the InChiKeys to Google searches as you’ve done for the original website and test out the Google search tab to make sure it is working. E.G., a search on Aspirin bombed out in the Google Mobile search interface. (URL copied below).


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