I’ve been looking at various forms of communication to assist with people understanding a little more about ChemSpider. I am presently investigating the production of online movies to assist users in understanding how to use the system to full effect and hope to rollout a few examples shortly. In parallel I’ve been looking at podcasting technology.

Serendipitously I was approached by Nature to be involved in one of their podcasts and went through the experience with them. Though  you’d never know it from the podcast it was done during vacation while trying to balance the energy of our boisterous twin boys in the room with a background noise of the ocean crashing on the shore. There are worse ways to be involved in a podcast for sure…balancing the nice overview of the sea with two little boys desperately trying to stay quiet and the professionalism and speed of Geoff Brumfiel at Nature made this a very pleasant experience.

If you’re interested you can check out the podcast here. Based on the feedback we might add podcasting as one more way to communicate with our users. Thoughts?

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  1. David Bradley says:

    It’s transferring to my mp3 player as I type…I’m so jealous, not of you being on a Nature podcast, but having the ocean view. I grew up at the seaside and ended up as landlocked as you ever could be in Cambridge. Woe is me…

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