Two particular Open Access resources providing enormous value to Life Sciences nowadays are PubMed and PubChem. I’m sure everyone reading this blog has heard of them and used them both. We previously announced our deeper collaboration with ChemRefer. We have been busily working in the background to integrate ChemRefer into ChemSpider and the very “alpha” version of the integration is now available online. It can be accessed from the Search menu as shown below. Simply click on ChemRefer


When selected it will open the ChemRefer search window and a list of Publishers who have allowed us to index them as shown below. All can be searched or the search can be limited by using the Check Boxes.


The search results for searching on taxol are shown here.The figure below, while too small to see detail, shows that the word searched is highlighted in the text.


Notice that the RSC is no longer indexed at their request. We were sad to lose them from our searches.

We have also integrated to Entrez, for searching health sciences databases at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website. This can be searched by choosing NCBI Entrez from the Search drop down menu. It is available here. An example of the results is shown here. For this first integration we limit the results to 100 hits.


Clicking on any of the titles is a direct hyperlink to the article in PubMed Central.

These integrations to these text searching engines are only the first part of our work. We have already been extracting chemical names and linking them up to structures in the ChemSpider database.Our first efforts in this area will be unveiled shortly. In this case it will be possible to simultaneously perform structure/substructure and text-based searches. This is a very significant undertaking but we are well underway to bringing our vision of structure and text based indexing of the Open Access literature to fruition.

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