In the first of many integration projects presently underway inside the RSC to bring together the benefits of ChemSpider with existing systems we’re happy to announce that the Prospected compound pages are now using structure images from ChemSpider as shown below. We spent a lot of time creating aesthetically pleasing structure images for ChemSpider and especially for display on webpages and blogs so we’re happy to see them show up in other venues too.

We unveiled the ability to embed chemical structure images as well as embedding spectra last year. Now there are multiple blogs using the embed functionality, structures are starting to show up on Wikipedia and our web services are being used for structure image retrieval. We encourage you to make use of the resources we are delivering and any feedback.


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2 Responses to “ChemSpider Structure Images Migrating to RSC Compound Pages”

  1. Egon Willighagen says:

    I see that the info box shows the InChI=1/, and not the InChI=1S/ … why is that? Any particular reason why the InChI=1/ should still be supported?

  2. Richard Kidd says:

    Good point Egon. We use the non-standard InChI internally for Prospect markup as some of the additional options are useful. However, we didn’t think it was worth it to make a short-term fix to sort out our internal Prospect compound database to display the 1S/, when this database is being migrated into ChemSpider and our new MarkLogic-based publishing platform. As ever (hands up here), ‘short-term’ became a bit longer than we expected. It’ll be sorted out in the next few months as we reengineer our publishing processes, and in the meantime we’ll happily supply a standard InChI to anyone who writes in on a postcard ;-)

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