When ChemSpider SyntheticPages is formally released at the American Chemical Society meeting next week at the Spring National Meeting in San Francisco we will also introduce both the ability to structure search ChemSpider SyntheticPages as well as show a snippet of the reaction in ChemSpider itself. We have introduced a new reaction Infobox and display the snippet of the reaction based on compounds marked as primary reactants or products in the SyntheticPages article.

For example, see the reaction infobox for this record.


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2 Responses to “ChemSpider SyntheticPages Integrated New ChemSpider Functionality at ACS Spring 2010 Part 6”

  1. Peter Schneider says:

    Just a simple question: are the synthetic pages OA and can be copied? And can be presented together with advertisement?


  2. Antony Williams says:

    The synthetic pages are certainly there to be used but are not Open Access. I believe it’s time to look at some type of Creative Commons license attribution to make clear the boundaries. Certainly it doesn’t feel good to have this organization in China rip off the content and post adverts against them to make money. It appears based on our research that this was done on the original SyntheticPages dataset and that was copyrighted anyway so this was definitely not appropriate.

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