RSC Members got to hear all about ChemSpider SyntheticPages in a short article penned by Peter Scott and myself. We also ended up having the cover dedicated to the article. Meanwhile, over at ChemSpider SyntheticPages of late new depositions of syntheses are daily and the database is growing. Here’s hoping we have 500 syntheses online by the time we get to the ACS meeting in Boston!


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  1. Dave says:

    Just to follow up on this post . It is possible for non-RSC members/journal subscribers to view the article online.

    The pdf is available here:
    The relevant document is listed as July 2010 RSC News.

    The digital edition can be viewed here:
    By default the most recent edition is displayed – previous editions can be accessed by clickng on the Back Issues button (at the top-leftish side of the interface)

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