We will be hosting a training session for ChemSpider at the ACS meeting in Denver. Please register early.

An Introduction to ChemSpider – A Combination Platform of Free Chemistry Database, Free Prediction Engines and Wiki Environment

Where: Colorado Convention Center
Room: 503
When: Wednesday, August 31, 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM

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ChemSpider has become one of the premier free online chemistry resources used by many thousands of chemists around the world every day. Hosting over 26 million unique chemical entities, sourced from over 400 separate data sources, ChemSpider provides access to experimental and predicted data, links to patents and publications and uniquely offers the ability to deposit and share their own data online. With the intention of integrating and curating public chemistry resources for the community ChemSpider encourages participation from chemists around the world. Integrated to Wikipedia, Google Patents, Google Books, Google Scholar and PubMed, as well as to the RSC Publishing platform, ChemSpider provides access to chemistry contained in millions of articles. This training session will provide an overview of searching ChemSpider and will discuss how to deposit data and participate in curating the existing information. We will also provide an overview of ChemSpider SyntheticPages, our venture into providing a community-based resource of semantically enriched synthetic procedures and allowing community peer review. This will be an interactive session and you are encouraged to bring your laptops to work along and ask questions regarding present and future capabilities. ChemSpider is built for the community and we welcome your comments about how to make it better for your needs.

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