This past week I received some inquiries and comments regarding the traffic coming to the ChemSpider Site. It was commented that it was not possible to compare eMolecules traffic and ChemSpider traffic on Compete. I confirmed this and have now registered ChemSpider so that this should be possible in the future. There are many Analytics tools out there to measure traffic at a site. We use Weblog Expert at our site for our internal analytics tool. The plot below shows a fairly linear growth in the number of unique visitors to the ChemSpider site since we went live on March 27th, just in time for the Spring ACS.

WebLog Expert plot

We also use Alexa to browse our performance. The statistics are shown below for the increase in global users accessing the site, the overall traffic rank and the number of page views per user.

Alexa Rank 1

The geographical distribution of visitors is actually quite surprising. Until recently the UK was actually the most popular visiting country but the US visits increased dramatically when we integrated the announcement regarding the Patent Searching went online. What is quite surprising is the low number of visitors from Germany, China and India. Based on my previous experiences in the chemoinformatics world I would expect Germany to be much HIGHER and certainly there should be increased traffic from India. That said, India wasn’t even on the list a week ago and is growing now as the message spreads. If any of you can help spread the message outside of the USA please do!

Alexa Rank 2

Addressing the original statement about being unable to compare stats on I’ve shown the geographical traffic ranks for eMolecules. Clearly there are a lot more countries for ChemSpider to provide value to! Hopefully our penetration will increase with time.

Emolecules on Alexa

Interestingly, there are also all types of rumors about the validity of Alexa but Alexa challenge this. It’s difficult to know what’s right so what’s reported here is simply what’s given online. What we are happy to report is an ongoing growth in the usage of the system. It validates our efforts.

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3 Responses to “ChemSpider Usage Continues to Grow In a Linear Fashion”

  1. Peter Schneider says:


    I do not like Alexa, because any webmaster using the Alexa Toolbar can manipulate the Alexa Rank to a certain extend. I do not like Server Stats too, because Robot Traffic is sometimes included (up to 90%) and sometimes not depending on the Software (webalizer versus AWStats).

    The truth is, that the comparison of websites is only possible, if all the websites use a standardized protocol that exclude any own traffic. For example: google analytics using an IP-based filter.

    But the real question is: Does emolecules generate more income with an Alexa Rank of 400 000? It is not the question, if a site has more visitors or not… The question is, which project will survive…

    So good luck for chemspider. I know chemistry-related web sites with a daily number of visitor of 5000 that have real financial sorrows (by the way: Alexa Rank of 100 000 – 150 000).

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