Since the RSC acquired ChemSpider we have been working hard with the IT team in Cambridge to transfer ChemSpider from our servers and onto the RSC servers. This has been quite a significant undertaking as now we will be dealing with development servers, staging servers and live servers. This is a significant departure from the environment we have been working in for the past couple of years where code was published to the live environment for testing. Some would say this was risky but with the limited resources we had available at the time it was what it was….oh, and it worked!

We have already started testing the system on the RSC servers that will go live sometime early next week. At present the intended schedule is that we will be switching over sometime between Monday and Wednesday. Of course, this is an intention at present and, based on testing, this may change. For right now we have stopped depositions onto ChemSpider. If curation activities continue we will sync these over to the live server next week so no issues there. ChemSpider will go offline next week sometime and, as the actual data becmes clearer, the announcements will be updated.

Watch this space…ChemSpider is moving to the RSC servers and their will be disruptions in the next few days.

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