ALPSP Publishing Innovation award 2010

Some of the team were present at the ALPSP Conference last Thursday – as the envelope was opened to announce ChemSpider as the winner of the ALPSP Publishing Innovation award for 2010! The judging panel commented that “[ChemSpider] has quickly become a highly valued and comprehensive community resource and has immense potential for future development”.

We’re especially proud as we were up against the other excellent shortlisted finalists of DataSalon’s Mastervision (which was highly commended, and we use it ourselves), the Semantic Biochemical Journal from Portland Press and the University of Manchester, and the AIP’s UniPHY social networking site.

We also managed to recreate the prize giving with Antony & Valery this morning – difficult to recreate the atmosphere of a conference dinner at 9am on an autumn Monday morning though…

Pics after the jump

award handover

post awardspost post awards

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One Response to “ChemSpider wins the ALPSP Publishing Innovation prize!”

  1. Bert Ramsay says:

    In a recent ACS meeting (CE&N, Sept 6, p. 42), Pat Confalone said “Invention is the conversion of cash into ideas. Innovation is the conversion of ideas into cash.” Do you agree with this as regards the invention/innovation of ChemSpider?
    (My chemical calculator never moved beyond the invention stage.)

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