Collaborative Drug Discovery is gaining increasing traction in terms of providing a collaborative platform for scientists to work together on Drug Discovery. They provide “a web-based software platform to organize preclinical research data to help scientists advance new drug candidates more effectively.” Certainly the support of the Gates Foundation and their investment of almost $1.9M validates their approach and the importance of their work : Collaborative Drug Discovery Receives Gates Foundation Grant to Support the Development of a Database to Accelerate Discovery of New Therapies Against Tuberculosis.

I have started to work with their platform and compliment them on the ease-of-use, the aesthetics and the intention of their work. I am not managing any of my own data on the platform yet but over the next couple of weeks hope to start actively managing some data that I am collaborating on with one of our editorial board. In order to execute on their mission CDD has to provide privacy and security for certain data but in parallel has made available public access data (Click on the thumbnail for a view of their present public access data). There will be those will likely criticize that all of their data are not Open but as I have explained myself previously this is a decision of the depositor to declare Open Data. In the case of CDD their business model, the wishes of their users and the very nature of drug discovery that their users are engaged in demands that they offer a secure and private platform in parallel to their Public Access offerings. Their approach works.

We have been working with CDD to allow their users to access ChemSpider directly from within the CDD platform. This is in place now and has been discussed in a recent blog post. the integration in their interface is clear. See the entire blogpost for more details. We look forward to working with CDD in the future. Their approach is fresh, innovative and gaining a lot of support from very significant names in the arena of drug discovery.

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