We have started a trend of acknowledging contributors to ChemSpider. This month I want to acknowledge the contributions of two individuals who are both curating and depositing data to ChemSpider.

Heinz Kolshorn from the University of Mainz is an almost daily contributor to the curation process as well as a depositor of new compounds and NMR spectra.

Chris Singleton from Boston, MA has been busily connecting up web-based information sheets about chromatographic separations (look at the links and references here) and is about to start a wave of depositions of NMR spectral data.

To both of these gentlemen I say Thank You. ChemSpider is growing in terms of quality and content as a result of your your efforts. if you want to become a depositor or curator for ChemSpider it’s easy. Ping me on this blogpost and I’ll point you to some materials to help.

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