The Journal of Cheminformatics is now officially online, just in time for the ACS meeting,  with the first three articles. One of them is an article about Computer Assisted Structure Elucidation written in collaboration with my friends (and ex-colleagues) at ACD/Labs.

In the Editorial Comment David Wild writes about “Grand challenges for cheminformatics” and comments:

“We have seen huge leaps forward in the provision of freely accessible chemical databases such as PubChem [3] and ChemSpider [4]. A wealth
of information is buried in these databases as well as many other related sources.”

To be listed with alongside PubChem is very humbling. PubChem is an incredible contribution to the community and we wish to deliver similar, though additional contributions.

One of the papers is a commentary

Chemistry publication – making the revolution
Steven M Bachrach
Journal of Cheminformatics 2009, 1:2

Steven touches my heart with his two references to our works

ChemSpider “Publishers should welcome the additional supporting materials and make then available under the Open Data principle. Furthermore, publishers should encourage the mining of these supporting materials, like the CrystalEye [42] and ChemSpider [43] projects.”

ChemMantis “There are two fledgling experiments that attempt to put into place some of these enhanced-publication/datument ideas: Project Prospect [51] from the Royal Chemical Society and ChemMantis from the ChemSpider [43] group.”

And he states… “We need to encourage these projects and the development of more tools. We need to encourage our colleagues to adopt a new model for publication. We can revolutionize how we perform our science. This is the real hope of the internet for scientists.”

Amen Steve…Amen.

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