Over the past few months we have recognized those people who have spent their time depositing to the content of ChemSpider either as depositors or curators. Recently I commented about one of our Advisory Group, Chris Singleton, taking on a major project to deposit spectral data to ChemSpider. If you visit the spectral data page and scroll through you will see that there are now 33 pages of spectra, each page containing 20 spectra. The majority of these are NMR spectra and the largest single collection is that deposited by Chris over the past few weeks. The data were those obtained from the Madison Metabolomics Consortium Database and described in a publication by Q. Cui, et al; “Metabolite identification via the Madison Metabolomics Consortium Database”, Nature Biotechnology, 26,162 (2008). Our sincere thanks to Chris for all of his work!

There is another raft of spectra waiting to be processed and deposited so the spectral data collection will continue to grow.

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3 Responses to “Depositor of the Month – Chris Singleton”

  1. Joerg Kurt Wegenr says:

    Great effort! Thanks for sharing the reference.

    @Tony: This might be off-topic and maybe you commented on this earlier? Is there a good backup strategy in-place making sure that any disk failure does not cause serious damages to such commitments?

  2. Antony Williams says:

    Joerg, Thanks for the question about back-ups. We have daily back-ups of the data and are presently investigating mirroring the entire system as well as potential hosting. AS I think you know we are limited in our hardware and without additional hardware including RAID arrays etc we are where we are. We are hoping to resolve this particular issue in the very near future.

  3. Chris Singleton says:

    Thanks, I hope to be depositing the other 300 soon!

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