james_jack_50I have ChemMobi running on my iPhone now and, I am happy to say, it looks just like it should. While visiting the RSC in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago I had a chance to hang out with James Jack, the Symyx consultant responsible for developing ChemMobi. That’s him on the left. No, that’s not him trying to hunt sharks with hand held harpoons, it’s him driving the “ChemSpider punt” in a race against the IT team from the RSC. Since we weren’t locals it seemed appropriate to challenge us to a speed punt down the river. This was of course preceded by the imbibing of adequate  amounts of flavored water and juices.

Strangely enough all of us in the ChemSpider punt did appear to have some undiscovered talents for punting. We very quickly lost the IT team back at the “juice house” and found them when we had finished our loop back from our destination. We realized that we had an unfair advantage since we had a dopted a strategy of punting from the surface of the vessel. They had not defined to us that they were doing the whole race in their own way…pushing with a pole while immersed. That’s our colleague Doug Spooner from the IT team showing us how to do it “IT style”. doug-in-cam

ChemMobi will soon be posted to the App Store for you all to download and use. I’ll let you know when…hopefully within a week. All glory, love and adoration for the App should go to James jack and to Symyx for allowing him to do what he does best…get creative with software and structures!

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