I am honored to be invited to join the Editorial Board of the Journal of Cheminformatics, a new journal from Chemistry Central. Over the years I’ve co-authored a lot of papers in ACS’ JCIM, previously JCICS (my list of publications is here) and my co-authors and I have always wondered about when another journal of the nature of JCIM would show up in the world of Open Access. Now it’s coming and I’m excited to be involved. We are writing a submission to the journal at present. The editors-in-chief and editorial board are listed below. I know the majority of these people personally and believe that this group will ensure the highest standards for the journal.

Christoph Steinbeck (United Kingdom)
David J. Wild (United States)

Editorial Board
Jean-Claude Bradley (United States)
Curt Breneman (United States)
Robert D. Clark (United States)
Jeremy Frey (United Kingdom)
Johann Gasteiger (Germany)
Val Gillet (United Kingdom)
Robert Glen (United Kingdom)
Jonathan Goodman (United Kingdom)
Rajarshi Guha (United States)
Mic Lajiness (United States)
Yvonne Martin (United States)
Peter Murray Rust (United Kingdom)
Alexander Tropsha (United States)
Wendy Warr (United Kingdom)
Ian Watson (United States)
Peter Willett (United Kingdom)
Antony Williams (United States)

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