We will shortly be unveiling Open Access article hosting on our website and will be demonstrating our proof of concepts around document markup for the community. A pre-alpha version is show below for our markup of Molbank articles. Click on the thumbnail below to see a simple preview of what we are up to.

There are many ways that we could host Open Access articles on ChemSpider. For the Molbank articles we have loaded the HTML associated with the reaction images etc directly onto our servers and are performing markup as shown in the image. We also have a more general method available to us allowing ChemSpider isers to copy and paste Open Access articles directly onto ChemSpider. Clearly this makes the most sense for articles dedicated to “single structures”. Either the synthesis of a compound or, as in the case of the example shown here, the structure elucidation of a molecule.

This record view represents the chemical structure of Cyclopamine. It includes the leed of the Wikipedia article as well as a complete Open Access article from Chemistry Central pasted into the description box. This certainly tells the complete story of the structure elucidation of Cyclopamine

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