Identifiers, synonyms, registry numbers and so on are the primary textual manner by which chemical structures are searched on ChemSpider. There are various “flavors” of these. if you take a look at the record for Xanax you will see just a FEW of the names have links to Wikipedia, are EINECS numbers, Registry Numbers, International Names, Japanese Names, are Latin names, French Names etc.

Alprazolam [Wiki]

Xanax [Wiki]

249-349-2 [EINECS]

28981-97-7 [RN]

4H-(1,2,4​)Triazolo​(4,3-a)(1​,4)benzod​iazepine,​ 8-chloro​-1-methyl​-6-phenyl-

4H-[1,2,4​]Triazolo​[4,3-a][1​,4]benzod​iazepine,​ 8-chloro​-1-methyl​-6-phenyl-


Alprazola​m (JP15/U​SP)

Alprazola​m [USAN:B​AN:INN:JA​N]

Alprazola​mum [INN-​Latin]

Since there are so many levels of complexity associated with identifiers we have added new tools to allow our curators to label the names with appropriate labels. the “present” list is shown below. The language tab lists a whole series of languages. One more effort to expand our curation…

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