ons1We’ve been working with Jean-Claude Bradley and his Open Notebook Solubility Challenge group to assist where we can. This has included enhancing some of our services (though there is more work to be done…), populating data into ChemSpider and, now, linking us up to the Data Tables built by Andy Lang (of The Spectral Game fame…we’re quite a team).

The Open Notebook Solubility Challenge is described here. The present list of compounds for which we have created the integration to be described below is here. WHen you open that link you’ll see the first bunch…notice the little icons showing patent links, Wikipedia links and the presence of spectra on those records.

WHat we have done now is deposit the links into the Data Source tables for these compounds and providing the direct link to the ONS tables. They can be viewed WITHOUT leaving the site simply by hovering over the link…OR you can click on the link to view the data directly. An example of the link view is shown below. To find these tables simply look up the Open Notebook Solubility Challenge data source in the table.



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