I worked at Kodak for over 5 years  in the research labs in Rochester. I had a great time and did some of my best scientific research  in those labs and saw the scientists there do things with chemistry and light sensitivity that were just fascinating. Today I was catching up with my blog reader backlog as well as reading through C&E News. I came across this fascinating article on both the Wired blog and in C&E News (subscription required) and MORE importantly the accompanying video.

What you will see in that video is an “immediate” change in color from a colorless solution to a localized green spot based on light. And I mean IMMEDIATE. Watch the video…check out the molecule here. This will provide a reference/link to the article.

Start thinking..how could this technology be used? As they modify and create different colors what will the technology lead to….suggestions welcome!

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3 Responses to “Fast Photochromism and an AMAZING Video”

  1. Rich Apodaca says:

    better flat-panel displays? holograms?

  2. Ian Tindale says:

    Three-dimensionally addressable optical data storage medium. As long as you don’t shake it!

  3. kankan bhaumik says:

    we are working with such type of molecules. i can give you a broad range those are colorless and when we apply blue laser ( diode based) same type of color change observe. depent on fluorofore ypu will got blue, yellow, green, orange, red color can be obtained.

    hi guy for further query mail me or tell me vast applicatio of it. any body can tell me application of such compounds.

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