In March of this year I attended the RSC Editors Symposium in Brussels and helped lead a couple of workshops with Richard Kidd about Enabling the Internet for Chemistry. The Editors Symposium is described here. The final report is very interesting in terms of what editors would like to see happen in the future and garnering feedback for our efforts today. The feedback on our sessions, shown below, was overwhelmingly positive. The sessions were fun, interactive and overwhelmingly positive.

D: Enabling the Internet for Chemistry:
ChemSpider and RSC journals

• I was very impressed by the ChemSpider search engine
• A valuable research AND teaching tool.
• The Chemspider workshop was the most interesting which looks to be very useful to the scientific community and I have been greatly encouraged to go away and try it for myself
• I was unaware of the content and use of this software and think it will be an extremely powerful resource
• I also enjoyed the session on ChemSpider and have had a long play on the tool. It has a lot of compounds but unfortunately at the moment not many references which limits its current use
• Although I was aware of ChemSpider, the workshop provided good information concerning the tremendous opportunities for exploitation in teaching and research
• I was also not aware of the power of ChemSpider and will certainly recommend its use to my institution
• The ChemSpider was very interesting as I believe it opens up huge possibilities for the RSC, for example, ChemSpider education, especially for pre-16 year olds which wasn’t addressed
• Very ambitious project; great service of RSC to the scientific community
• Learning about ChemSpider was a highlight as this new source has the potential to make a significant impact in how chemical structures are researched online

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