I’ve been fighting with technology today. I opened my computer at 7am and the nightmares started…..40 minutes to boot, 20 minutes to open my Outlook PST file and that’s where we stay. The CPU pegged at 95% while Outlook is open. I have scanned the pst file to fix it and spent hours defrag’ing and blah, blah, blah. Looks like a reformatting job is coming…fortunately for me blogging and chemspider are all web-based so some catch ups tonight…

Some fast comments …

We’ve been adding new blog posts into some of our records…we can do this with your material if you want a larger audience and preservation moving forward. Some totallysynthetic blogs are here (1,2) and a fun posting from J on Bromination

We have agreement from NIST to use a “small slice” of the NIST Webbook data and are adding IR, MS and UV-vis data onto ChemSpider at present. See the spectra for Cholesterol here

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2 Responses to “Fighting with Technology… TotallySynthetic, Multiple Spectra and Other Stuff”

  1. Andrew Lang says:

    Very cool of the NIST, I was excited to hear it. I hope you computer feels better soon.

  2. Joerg Kurt Wegner says:

    That is one reason why I am using VMWare ;-) Who cares about the crashing host system, all I need is a VMWare snapshot of my environment, emails, data, whatever. BTW, some companies ship their tools just as VMWare images, e.g. MindTouch Wiki.

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