Many of us using ChemSpider are looking for compounds of interest to us. In some cases those chemical entities are not of fleeting interest but something that we are working on in our research, have a hobbyist interest in or some other driving force encouraging us to track activity in.

With this in mind we have now allowed any user to “monitor an article”. What this means is that when new information is associated with an article (new outlinks, new forms of data, new publications, associated spectra etc) then an email will be sent to you making you aware of the new information. In order to monitor an article simply login as a register user and click on the “Monitor This Article” button. If you want to discontinue in the future simply return to the article and click on “Cancel Article Monitor”. We’d like a few people to help test this process for us and provide us with feedback. Keep your eye on those molecules of interest to you with Article Monitoring.

Image by ►Felix◄ via Flickr

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