I was involved with exhibiting at scientific conferences for over a decade and feel that in MANY cases the vendors and exhibitors are treated as second hand citizens and a way for the organizers to create revenue. This is NOT unique to ACS meetings (where some have been very well organized and welcoming for vendors) but in many cases the service is far from stellar, the vendor receives very little support that is not paid for and the needs of the vendor to develop their business, other than pay the organizers to support their business(es), are ignored. Maybe these companies below feel the same when they made their decision? Vendors, hosts/organizers, attendees should have one common goal – a beneficial meeting for all. I believe that without an exposition the costs of holding a conference would fall only on the shoulders of the attendees and as costs increase, attendance decreases of course. Take care of all parties…

Released today…

“For several years we (Chemical Computing Group, OpenEye, Tripos and BioSolve IT) have all been regular exhibitors/attendees at the ACS
National meetings. However, due to the lack of organization and consideration demonstrated at the Fall 2008 ACS in Philadelphia, we have
made a collective decision to rethink the level of participation at the Salt Lake City, Spring ACS meeting.

ACS made several poor decisions in Philadelphia as well as other recent  venues which have had a tremendous negative impact for exhibitors, such as holding the sessions over a mile away from the exhibition halls. This has been compounded by a lack of consideration shown by the ACS with regards to our concerns, so while you’ll see some of our scientists on the agenda presenting talks in appropriate tracks like COMP and CINF, we four companies will not be exhibiting at the Spring meeting. It is regrettable that those running the ACS make it necessary for us to make such a statement and we hope that those of you that do attend, will enjoy the meeting.

** We all feel a commitment to the spirit of ACS meetings, and we will all be back at the Fall meeting in Washington, DC. * *”

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3 Responses to “Four Companies Choose NOT to Exhibit at the ACS”

  1. Rich Apodaca says:

    Tony, maybe I missed it, but what’s the source for the release you’re quoting?

  2. Antony Williams says:

    I believe it was issued by OpenEye and came out via the CHMINF or CCL list..I can’t remember and I did a Shift-Delete on the email so can’t find it in my trash. I’m sure it will show up in a Google search shortly…at present only the chemspider.com/blog is indexed…

  3. Rich Apodaca says:

    Hmm. Don’t remember seeing it on the lists. Google’s still not showing anything. Could it have been another source?

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