Since day one ChemSpider has been focused on developing a social network via our intention to build a structure centric community for chemists. While I am a member of a number of social communities I felt it appropriate to approach someone who has both a passion and masterful knowledge of this domain. I had the pleasure of meeting Gerry Mckiernan at the ACS-New Orleans meeting early one morning pre-show. We chatted for an hour about our mutual passion for building community and Gerry graciously accepted my invitation to join our advisory group. Gerry’s details are below.

Gerry Mckiernan currently has primary responsibilities for Collection Development, Instruction, and Reference and Research Services in Chemical and Biological Engineering; Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering; Environment Sciences; Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering; and Mechanical Engineering, at Iowa State University (ISU), Ames. He has been employed by the ISU Library since April 1987. He has served as the Museum Librarian at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh (1983-1987), and as an Assistant Librarian with the Library of the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, New York City (1978-1983), his hometown. His research interests have included alternative peer review practices and philosophies, emerging information technologies, and scholar-based innovations in publishing. His current research interests relate to Web 2.0 – the Participatory Web, most notably blogs, online social networks, wikis, and communities of participation.

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