As posted on ChemSpider News we are presently adding and indexing a series of new databases to the ChemSpider database. We have an increasing number of contributors who can see value in exposing their data on ChemSpider. As well as those listed at the ChemSpider News site we have also received over 200,000 structures from a chemistry journal and these will be indexed and linked back to all abstracts on their website shortly enabling structure searching of their journal.

here has been an increasing number of downloads of the Internet Explorer and Firefox Add-ins as well as using ACD/ChemSketch with the add-in. The majority of searches are still based on text-based searching thereby validating the value of the name-structure approach discussed elsewhere. Not only text searching is enabled on ChemSpider. Rather, the structure and substructure searching capabilities through both Freeware ChemSketch and the structure drawing applet are also being utilized. The Prediction Services are also being utilized. At present the ChemSpider system appears to be delivering as we expected at this stage of our beta release.

We are fortunate to have some excellent beta testers providing feedback and the curation process is now fully active with 63 curated records as of 05/08/2007, an average of 5 structures per day since going live with the curation process. The majority of these records are contained within PubChem and ultimately will be returned to the PubChem database as explained previously.

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