I recently started a discussion with the users of ChemSpider about how they use our system. There have already been two responses and I am hoping for more. Having sat in on a IUPAC InChI meeting in Washington last week I can honestly say that it was one of the most functional and on-task meetings I have sat in on in a long time. Decisions were made about how to move forward with the next release of the InChIKey and “standard versions” of both the InChIString and InChIKey.

The meeting has prompted the question how do you use InChI? For what purpose do you use InChI and do you use only the string? Do you use it for communication purposes and structure exchange? Do you use it in your internal databases? Is it a primary path to deduplication? What settings do you use for the InChIString?

I’m interested in how you are using InChI nad how important it has become for you? Comments welcomed..

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