From the early days of the acquisition of ChemSpider by the RSC we have been focused on accessing the rich content that the RSC has contained in its databases and in its rich archive. We have been working hard for a number of months now to integrate systems, projects and processes into ChemSpider so that RSC chemistry is more discoverable. What we will be unveiling in the next few days we believe is big. We’ll roll it out one piece at a time. The last blog post discussed the deposition of new compounds from RSC prospected articles into ChemSpider. The email below results from the deposition of compounds from one article. One set of 10 structures from one article that are directly deposited into ChemSpider when the article goes live. These are compounds that are deposited and live immediately, not abstracted later. Imagine when we are doing this for all RSC articles, database and books….

ALL of the compounds below are NEW to the ChemSpider database…everyone of them. While not all RSC articles are only about novel compounds clearly there are new compounds moving into the database from the RSC publications.

Dear RSC Prospect,

This email is to notify that your deposition (#3427) has been published. Below please find a list of links to the structures that belong to your deposition:



The structures link back directly to the RSC article via DOI as shown below.


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2 Responses to “How Much New Chemistry Is There In New RSC Articles”

  1. Joe Durant says:

    Very cool. I am seeing in my browser (mozilla on Linux) that only the leftmost fragment is displayed in the 2D rendering, although the whole molecule is present in the molfile and in the 3D rendering.

  2. Antony Williams says:

    SOrry that there are Mozilla-Linux issues for you Joe. The truth is that we are not yet testing on Linux browsers and have enough of a challenge keeping up with all of the PC and Mac browsers. It’s not that we don’t care, just that we don’t have the resources at present.

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