Over the past three years we have received a lot of kudos from the users of ChemSpider, mostly via email. I’d now like to make a direct and some would say quite cheeky request for community participation. It will result in us immortalizing your participation on the pages of ChemSpider. We’d like to gather together some comments/quotes/statements from the community about how valuable ChemSpider has become for you and how you might be using it. We’d like to use these quotes as some sort of rolling banner (as yet to be designed!) as well as maybe in some presentations etc.

We’d appreciate your comments about ChemSpider and encourage you to comment on this blog if you would. Please leave your name and, if appropriate and should you wish, your organization name. We understand that we live in times where it is necessary to have the disclaimer “these views represent the view of the individual and not XXXX organization” so feel free to just sign yourself “a medicinal chemist” or “a Happy ChemSpider User” . We don’t ask for much in exchange for the work we’ve been doing for the past few years and yes, I agree it is cheeky, but as my son reminds me regularly …if I don’t ask I don’t get :-)

Of, feel free to leave the comments on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Friendfeed. I’ll find them! Thanks in advance

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11 Responses to “Immortalize Yourself on the ChemSpider Pages – Give Us Feedback Please”

  1. Markus Sitzmann says:

    A reference for my own database development :-) … I do a lot of double checking with/in ChemSpider

  2. Sargis says:

    ChemSpider is an invaluable resource for computational chemist. Open access and commenting system gives your a warm feeling of being a part of a great chemistry community.

    An Open Minded Scientist.

  3. Chris says:

    ChemSpider is rapidly becoming my first port of call for chemical information. Great work.

  4. Sean says:

    ChemSpider is a valuable resource for everyone. The only place I trust for structures on the web.

    Sean Ekins

  5. Jean-Claude Bradley says:

    #1 ChemSpider is simply the best free tool for practical organic chemistry.
    #2 For every project, ChemSpider is my research group’s first stop to find actionable chemical information and our last stop to contribute our results.

  6. Andrew Lang says:

    ChemSpider’s Open Data, Embed Functionality, and Web Services are invaluable to all my projects.

  7. Hope Leman says:

    #1 ChemSpider sets the bar for search engines in the sciences and is a great gift to scientists, science educators, students in the science and laypeople in need of authoritative information in the chemical sciences.

    #2 ChemSpider is one of the most fascinating, useful tools on the Web. It is at once a resource for scientists in academia and industry, librarians, students and laypeople and an innovative exemplar of the use of crowdsourcing for data curation.

    #3 ChemSpider is increasingly recognized as a valuable tool for those in need of free, authoritative information not only in chemistry proper but in such fields as toxicology, environmental medicine and public health vis-à-vis the relationship of chemistry to a myriad of aspects of the relationship and impact of chemicals on health and the world around us.

  8. Joerg Kurt Wegner says:

    #1 If you are a molecule, ChemSpider is your net.

    #2 If you are a molecule spectrum, ChemSpider is your NMR (No Molecule Rubbish).

    #3 Think quality, think collaboration, think science, think chemistry, in short: ChemSpider.

    #4 Curator (from Latin cura, care) translates, too. ChemSpider (from Community we care about your chemistry)!

  9. Dr Narayan G K A S S says:

    Chemspider is becoming increasingly scientist friendly and wish it will serve the scientific community in a long way.

  10. steve heller says:

    ChemSpider – the visionary chemical information computer system for the 21st century

  11. Cameron Neylon says:

    The challenge of the web for science is balancing the potential power of crowdsourcing with the remaining need for manual human curation. Chemspider leads the way in finding a middle way towards a reliable and comprehensive scientific resource.

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