The new content delivery platform from RSC Publishing provides powerful, fast access to journals, books and databases. You can search across nearly one million articles using one simple interface and refine your results through intuitive filters.

With the latest release a  new Compounds tab now displays the key chemical compounds from a journal article when it has been semantically enriched via RSC’s Project Prospect. Each compound links back to ChemSpider to access its 400 chemical data sources for compounds and users can also find related RSC journal articles containing the same compound.



Try it now by clicking on the ‘Compounds’ tab in the article - Total synthesis of (±)-Vertine with Z-selective RCM as a key step, Laetitia Chausset-Boissarie, Roman Àrvai, Graham R. Cumming, Céline Besnard and E. Peter Kündig, Chem. Commun., 2010, 46, 6264.

Effectively, you can run a text search within the Publishing Platform, perhaps by searching for your research topic or favourite author, to identify new papers and view the properties for any compounds in the article within ChemSpider.

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