The functionality discussed below will be released at the ACS Spring Meeting during the week of March 21st 2010

Following on from the last post regarding integrating to RSC Databases via the RSC Publishing Beta web services layer this post expands on the nature of the integration that we have been able to introduce. The RSC publishing beta gives us access to over 500,000 journal articles, book chapters and database records through one simple search interface. Using a similar approach to that outlined for the RSC database searches, that of using validated synonyms as the basis of the search for chemicals, we are able to search across the entire ePlatform of articles and retrieve hits as shown below. The hits are under the RSC journals tab.

Since the RSC publishing platform segregates the journals from the books the same search will return results from RSC books also. Our tests show that this is incredibly fast and highly accurate. This is our first venture into tapping into the chemical compounds sitting inside the RSC archive. More work is coming…

If you look at the tabs below you will also see that we have integrated to Google Books, Google Scholar and the Microsoft Academic Search. We are truly integrating to available internet resources to bring together the benefits of all of the primary search engines available.


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