As we work on ChemMantis it is clear that we want to expand the integration out to external sources of information as much as possible rather than limit the connectivities to the ChemSpider platform. We have started to build the necessary dictionaries to support bacteria, fungi, viruses etc so it makes sense to connect these up to external resources. As a proof of concept we are using Wikipedia sources to directly feed the “Species Balloons” and have enabled searching of Wikipedia, Google and Entrex directly from the balloon. As an example of the integration we see below the species balloon filled with the leed of the article from Wikipedia for Zymomonas mobilis(click on the thumbnail)


From the balloon it is possible to search across Entrez, Google and directly into Wikipedia for more information. For this particular bacterium Entrez gives a list of results as shown below (click on the thumbnail). We are using a similar approach with elements now. Rather than show a “bare element” in a structure balloon (who needs to see Li for Lithium?) we will display the leed text from Wikipedia for that element. The near future will likely see us link to Uniprot and PDB for proteins and out to similar rich sources for other species.

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