The ACS meeting in Washington was good for ChemSpider and the team in a number of ways. ChemSpider garnered a lot of attention so that was a relief. More than that though was the fact that the ACS was the culmination of weeks of efforts by an extended team of people in the informatics group, our internal and external marketing groups and the development team.ChemSpider was “everywhere” at the ACS…it was really about “getting you there”..see the side of the bus below!


We showed a number of new things at the ChemSpider booth. We certainly had our new look and feel in terms of the logo and visual aesthetics. Two of the most exciting capabilities that we introduced that had the majority of people smiling at were the introduction of integration to the SureChem patent portal described previously and our new integration to the Pubmed web services. If you haven’t seen the integration to the Pubmed integration yet you’ll likely appreciate this!

I can explain the process in detail but I think the video itself tells the story best. What we are doing is using validated synonyms to look up articles in PubMed. If there are cases where there are no PubMed articles it is VERY common that the synonym validation process will result in articles being recovered. This lends even more value to the structure-name curation process. The YouTube movie is below but an SWF form of the movie, easier to watch in my opinion, is here. Let me know which format you find better. It is easier to make YouTube only but I think for details SWF is better. Comments welcomed.

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