The Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry is one of my favorite journals. We publish NMR articles in this journal fairly regularly regarding complex structure elucidations performed with the Structure Elucidator software or, of late, regarding the applications of indirect covariance techniques. J. Het. Chem. is a “family owned” journal…one of the only ones not owned by the ACS or a major publishing house (other than Open Access Journals of course).

J Het Chem is one of the few journals offering online structure searching of its articles. Since the structures were already extracted in order to index the articles it made sense to suggest the indexing of the J Het Chem structures on the article to Dr Lyle Castle, the manager of the journal. Within a couple of weeks, after a few email exchanges with Specs, the provider of the structure searching capability on the site, we had received, indexed and hooked up the results on ChemSpider to the website.

So, over 208,000 structures from the Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry are now indexed on ChemSpider and linked through to the abstracts on that journal. Our intention with this work, and with the work to connect Open Access articles, is to extend the reach of ChemSpider out to the chemistry literature.

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