aileendayI’m Aileen Day and I’m one of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Informatics team who are working with ChemSpider. We can loosely be defined as chemists who have picked up enough computer programming to make our lives and those of people around us a bit more exciting and less tedious. Our job is to develop new tools to help viewers and authors of articles in our journals, and our publishing editors. Probably the most high profile example of these tools is the development of Project Prospect.
So the long-term plan for us and ChemSpider is to fully integrate Prospect (and RSC publications) with ChemSpider so that a user can seamlessly bounce back and forth between finding compounds of interest using the ChemSpider search and selection tools and finding more information about them in our journals amongst other sources. Also, to improve the functionality of and content of everything we can along the way (ChemSpider, Prospect etc.).
As a first step of this I’m currently developing a way to automatically deposit the primary (most important) compounds in our prospected articles into ChemSpider, with publication information about the RSC article, including a link back. I’ll keep you posted as we make progress…

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