Community curation is cleaning up ChemSpider very efficiently. Especially in regards to identifiers. And we are getting educated too.

Today one of the community curators asked a question for the following record.

He stated “Thumbnail. Structure appears twice. Probably not dimer.” One email later to the depositor and the depositor returns with (and I excerpt):

“This material is commercialised as a mixture. The product is produced as a mixture of isomers, thus two (related) structures are appropriate

I’ve added some data as well, and Wiswesser Line Notations.

The Product name Assert is sold as a 300 g/l formulation, thus Assert 300. It is the same for Dagger and Dagger G where the G just stands for granules, ie it is a granular formulation. ”

Well, who knew? Well, now everyone knows…it’s on the record for all to see. Simply scroll to the bottom of the record and look at the curation record feedback. Click on the thumbnail here.

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