We get a lot of kudos for what we do with ChemSpider and we appreciate it. Sometimes there is an email that comes in that just makes me smile. One from this week is shown below…it’s nice to be appreciated!

“Dr ChemSpider,
GOD BLESS you and your website! My classmate and I just wanted you to know that we appreciate your website to the UTMOST!! you saved us hours upon hours of work… we have been spending hours trying to figure out a structure from our lab reaction product. THANKS for the awesome website, we are now able to further our knowledge in organic chemistry!!!”

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3 Responses to “It’s nice to be appreciated!”

  1. Sargis Dallakyan says:

    I’d like to join these folks in thanking ChemSpider for a great work. I recently needed to identify a PubChem compound (A) that would correspond to a PDB ligand (B) and ChemSpider really helped me to go from A to B.

  2. Martin Walker says:

    I’d like to second that! One of our staff had spent over an hour trying to track down an MSDS sheet for an old sample in our stockroom. About a minute on ChemSpider allowed us to find what we needed. Thanks!

  3. Antony Williams says:

    Martin..we are working on a more complete solution for the MSDS sheets. We are curating the file at present and hope to roll it out soon.

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