In keeping with our commitment to continue to index Open Access journals for searching on ChemSpider we are happy to announce our indexing of Libertas Academica. Most people I have spoken to about our indexing of Open Access journals have never heard of this Open Access publisher. Libertas Academica offers “Open access journals on clinical medicine, bioinformatics, biology, chemistry, pharmacology, gene signalling, systems biology, informatics, virology, substance abuse, translational science and complimentary medicine.” I know of LA-press because of their Analytical Chemistry Insights journal.

Their list of Popular Journals is given below and their full list of journals is given on the third tab.

The publisher allows direct commenting on articles on their website as shown here for their article on “High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for Determination of Phenytoin in Rabbits Receiving Sildenafil” (This article is already linked from the structures of Phenytoin and Sildenafil)

Following our previous approach of using Taxol and Paclitaxel as a measure of potential contibution to search results on ChemSpider searching Libertas Academica gives 6 hits on Taxol while a search on Paclitaxel gave 23 hits.

Our growing list of Open Access Publishers is rather impressive at this point…see below. It will continue to grow.

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3 Responses to “Libertas Academica Added to ChemSpider Literature Search”

  1. Andrew Anderson says:

    Thanks for the update-a total aside as I’m a little loopy: do Rabbits really need viagra? There are plenty of jokes I could write next, but you’re funnier than I am :)

  2. Antony Williams says:

    I’m not sure that I should try any more humor around ED drugs..I tried already here ( and I don’t think my British sarcasm went across…but Rabbits. Well, wouldn’t ED drugs help them breed like rabbits…oh, no need, they do anyways…

  3. Tom Hill says:

    Libertas Academica is excited to have been added to the ChemSpider Literature Search page. We hope that readers visiting the site for the first time will find our journals to be valuable research tools. As a fairly new publisher in a rapidly expanding field we welcome feedback from readers at any time, so please contact us via our website’s About Us page if you wish. Happy reading!

    Tom Hill (Publisher & Managing Director, Libertas Academica)

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