Previously there was ChemMobi, then there was our implementation of ChemSpider for a mobile browser and then ChemSpider SyntheticPages for a mobile browser. At next weeks’ ACS meeting in Denver we hope that the ChemSpider mobile app developed in collaboration with Alex Clark (innovator of the Mobile Molecular DataSheet, Reaction101 and Yield101) will be available for download from the iTunes store! The full details of the app, and some associated screenshots, are outlined on the SciMobileApps wiki here. A brief overview is given below…

“ChemSpider Mobile is a free iOS app (iPhone, iPod, iPad) for searching the ChemSpider online chemical database. It provides the ability to search by drawing a chemical structure, or entering a compound name. The app is very straightforward and easy to learn. Search results are shown in a list showing structure and names. Any search result can be examined in more detail by launching the mobile browser and viewing the structure on the ChemSpider web page.

Although the ChemSpider web page is designed to work well on mobile browsers, the mobile app is more convenient to use, and is currently the best way to search by structure from a mobile device. The structure drawing capabilities are provided by the embedded version of the Mobile Molecular DataSheet. The app was built by Molecular Materials Informatics, on behalf of the Royal Society of Chemistry.”

An early view screencast of the functionality of ChemSpider Mobile is now available.  New movies showing the details of the app will follow in the near future but this is an early view for interested parties.

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  1. David says:


    The ChemSpider mobile app is now available to download for free from the Apple appstore:

    And if you are attending the Fall ACS meeting in Denver you can drop by the RSC stand (Booth 1100) and get a ChemSpider branded cover for your iPhone or iPad – While stocks last!

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