Molecule of the Day (MOTD) is one of those fun blogs that the public will likely enjoy…and there’s enough there foe even us chemists to remember just how much fun chemistry is. It seemed like a good idea to try out the ability to link URLs to ChemSpider on a few of the Molecule on the day articles. About an hours manual work and the entire MOTD blog archive could be made structure searchable. As it is I’ve linke dup a few tonight….about 60 seconds each to click on the MOTD blog post, search the structure in ChemSpider and paste the article title and URL. Voila…searchable Molecule of the Day. Some examples linked up…scroll to the bottom of the record:

Sodium Acetate Trihydrate

Benzoyl Peroxide 


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2 Responses to “Molecule of the Day – Making it Structure Searchable”

  1. Molecule of the Day says:

    Thanks for the comment.

    I used to put INCHI codes into the alt tag, until people started telling me this was the wrong way to do this, the online INCHI converter didn’t work very well, and I just got sick of figuring it out.

    If there’s a really easy way to participate in this semantic web stuff I’m glad to. If it genuinely adds less than a minute to my day, I’m there. It’s got to work every time, though, and I got sick of hearing I was doing it wrong.

    Sorry to sound irritated, none of this is your fault and I understand this tech takes off slowly. I’d appreciate any information on where exactly the state of the art lies.

  2. Antony Williams says:

    Email sent offline…text pasted here:

    Okay, let’s work through an example…

    First of all…register yourself here:

    and request to be a “Depositor”

    Now let’s take an example…

    Go to and type in butyric acid.

    For this one you will find two structures. Click on the structure of interest…the acid not the anion. When you get here you will see this on the page…(part of it)

    See that “Add URLs” statement…click on it.

    You will get:
    In the TOP box enter the TITLE for the URL…I do it as follows:

    Molecule of the Day Article: TITLE OF ARTICLE

    So for this example:
    Molecule of the Day Article: Butyric Acid (Yarr, she makes a fine stink bomb)

    In the box below (bottom box), enter the URL:

    And click OK…
    That’s it…
    Try it…

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